Episode 61 – The Death and Resurrection of Cuki

Another double-header with the second-coming of Cuki. Neil and Scott share their passion for Steigl Radler.

Games and topics discussed: VRV, Persona 5 (The animation), Ghost in the Shell (Animated Movie) Game Night (Movie), Dungeons and Dragons, Oxenfree, Tera (PS4), Far Cry 5, PUBG Mobile, Persona 3 Portable, and more.

Episode 17 – Exotic Montana

A little late thanks to the long weekend… This week we test out technology at its finest — we span hundreds of miles to bring you this podcast!  Scott and Neil answer emails, talk about Fire Emblem, finish their last thoughts on Death Parade, and go to great lengths about how Far Cry 5 probably won’t be that controversial.

0:00:21 – Emails
0:01:28 – Fire Emblem: Echoes
0:09:10 – Death Parade, Final Thoughts
0:17:39 – Far Cry 5 is in Montana
0:36:55 – Scorpio Hype and Reasonable Expectations
0:45:27 – Golf Story
0:49:46 – Playstation Store and “Creators”
0:51:19 – The Hotlist