Episode 17 – Exotic Montana

The Fancy Ramen Podcast
The Fancy Ramen Podcast
Episode 17 - Exotic Montana

A little late thanks to the long weekend… This week we test out technology at its finest — we span hundreds of miles to bring you this podcast! ¬†Scott and Neil answer emails, talk about Fire Emblem, finish their last thoughts on Death Parade, and go to great lengths about how Far Cry 5 probably won’t be that controversial.

0:00:21 РEmails
0:01:28 – Fire Emblem: Echoes
0:09:10 – Death Parade, Final Thoughts
0:17:39 – Far Cry 5 is in Montana
0:36:55 – Scorpio Hype and Reasonable Expectations
0:45:27 – Golf Story
0:49:46 – Playstation Store and “Creators”
0:51:19 – The Hotlist

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