Episode 67 – “Kingdom Hearts III is Real?!”


The Handmaid’s Tale (Series), Shimoneta: A Boring World Where Dirty Jokes Don’t Exist (Anime), Gary and his Demons (Cartoon), Sonar (board game), 1984 (Novel), Westworld (Series), The Red Strings, Gods will be Watching, Stay, Hearts of Iron IV, Bloodborne, Detroit: Become Human (preview), Kingdom Hearts III, Shenmue III, Playstation Vita lives on (in Japan), Gamestop’s CEO Steps Down, Mario Aces Demo out soon, Xbox Modular Handicapable Controller


SPOILERS TO: Se7en (1995), Westworld (Spoilers up to Season 2, Episode 1), Stay (2018 Game)

Episode 61 – The Death and Resurrection of Cuki

Another double-header with the second-coming of Cuki. Neil and Scott share their passion for Steigl Radler.

Games and topics discussed: VRV, Persona 5 (The animation), Ghost in the Shell (Animated Movie) Game Night (Movie), Dungeons and Dragons, Oxenfree, Tera (PS4), Far Cry 5, PUBG Mobile, Persona 3 Portable, and more.