Little Nightmares (Part 3)

If only we could change our outfit and raise our camo rating!

Or maybe if we break all these statues, we’ll get the Stealth Camo from Otacon…

The Fancy Ramen Podcast (Episode 15, Part 2) Take that you stupid fish!

On to the news! Plus more character assassination on Neil! And timestamps!:
0:00:00 Deadly Premonition Board Game Kickstarter
0:12:46 Kynseed Kickstarter
0:20:37 IO Interactive to be sold
0:24:13 Project Rap Rabbit
0:25:46 Turnips and Babies
0:28:47 Dynasty Warriors 9
0:33:46 Alan Wake is Leaving Digital Stores (And P.T. talk)
0:39:59 Vanquish coming to Steam
0:41:14 Absolver (online combat)
0:47:50 Bad Stats about the Scorpio
0:55:49 Mario Odyssey at E3 (and other E3 Talk)
1:00:49 Injustice 2, Farpoint
1:05:47 Google Earth VR

10 Second Ninja X

Blue protagonist that moves fast, freeing birds from robotic enemies… going up against a round-shaped red-themed bad guy…

The Fancy Ramen Podcast (Episode 14, Part 3) Countdown to Moose Aborted

This marathon of an episode is arrives at its destination.  With Scott and Lizzie, we cover the Dark Souls Keyboard/mice patch, Prey, Moose Counters and the Windjammers of Fighters.

00:00 – NEWS / Dark Souls Keyboard/Mouse Patch
04:30 – Prey
06:55 – Prop Hunt
08:54 – Dark Souls Fan Movie
12:31 – Persona 5 New Game Plus
18:55 – Risk of Rain 2
26:02 – Vanquish on PC?!
31:08 – DOTA 2’s Co-Op Campaign
40:18 – Phoenix Point
45:50 – Lethal League
47:34 – The Long Dark (and Outro)

The Fancy Ramen Podcast (Episode 14, Part 1) All White People Are Tsundere

(Spoilers for the TV series ANIMALS)

We start this portion as a two-man show while Scott takes an exceptionally long bathroom break.  Some informal discussion follows regarding: Animals (TV Series), Anime (Love Tyrant, Yuri On Ice, Love Rice), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Persona 5 Gameplay talk, Tekken 7 VR Mode, Injustice and Iceman Sub-Zero, Dreams (PSVR), and the current state of Playstation VR.

Cuki also tries to talk Neil off the edge of Truck and Farm Simulator.  STAY FRESH.

The Fancy Ramen Podcast (Episode 13, Part 2)

And we’re back with advice on how to survive some harsh Canadian winters and cursed classrooms, while keeping up with the latest accessories from Nintendo and Atlus.

Time stamps:
0:00:36 – The Long Dark
0:29:56 – Another
0:50:17 – New Possible Animes for Podcast Watchalongs
1:09:40 – New 2DS XL
1:14:45 – Persona 5 Restrictions Lightened, and Persona 5 Vinyl
1:23:37 – The Sexy Brutale
1:25:28 – The Vivendi/Ubisoft Shuffle
1:28:48 – Release Dates and Delays