Episode 16 – Otaku Punch!!!

Fancy Ramen returns with a new format — your mainstay episodes will be more organized, and a little more concise, with details listed with your traditional time stamps.  In addition to your regular Fancy Ramen Podcast episodes, you’ll see the occasional Omake, which will feature more of the randomness you might be used to.

This episode, Lizzie joins us to go over Death Parade and Little Nightmares.  We also go into some new releases, and some Nintendo news delivered from their latest Nintendo Direct.

Please note, this episode will be going over the entirety of Death Parade. There will be spoilers!  If you want to skip the anime, you can jump to 0:42:53.

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0:00:22 – Viewer Email
0:05:45 – Death Parade
0:42:53 – Little Nightmares
0:53:07 – Farpoint (PSVR)
1:02:56 – Injustice 2
1:05:20 – The Hot List (Featuring ARMS, the new color scheme for the Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Censorship, Phantom Dust, and Destiny 2 and other topics…)

Little Nightmares (Part 3)

If only we could change our outfit and raise our camo rating!

Or maybe if we break all these statues, we’ll get the Stealth Camo from Otacon…

The Fancy Ramen Podcast (Episode 15, Part 2) Take that you stupid fish!

On to the news! Plus more character assassination on Neil! And timestamps!:
0:00:00 Deadly Premonition Board Game Kickstarter
0:12:46 Kynseed Kickstarter
0:20:37 IO Interactive to be sold
0:24:13 Project Rap Rabbit
0:25:46 Turnips and Babies
0:28:47 Dynasty Warriors 9
0:33:46 Alan Wake is Leaving Digital Stores (And P.T. talk)
0:39:59 Vanquish coming to Steam
0:41:14 Absolver (online combat)
0:47:50 Bad Stats about the Scorpio
0:55:49 Mario Odyssey at E3 (and other E3 Talk)
1:00:49 Injustice 2, Farpoint
1:05:47 Google Earth VR

10 Second Ninja X

Blue protagonist that moves fast, freeing birds from robotic enemies… going up against a round-shaped red-themed bad guy…

The Fancy Ramen Podcast (Episode 14, Part 3) Countdown to Moose Aborted

This marathon of an episode is arrives at its destination.  With Scott and Lizzie, we cover the Dark Souls Keyboard/mice patch, Prey, Moose Counters and the Windjammers of Fighters.

00:00 – NEWS / Dark Souls Keyboard/Mouse Patch
04:30 – Prey
06:55 – Prop Hunt
08:54 – Dark Souls Fan Movie
12:31 – Persona 5 New Game Plus
18:55 – Risk of Rain 2
26:02 – Vanquish on PC?!
31:08 – DOTA 2’s Co-Op Campaign
40:18 – Phoenix Point
45:50 – Lethal League
47:34 – The Long Dark (and Outro)