Episode 61 – The Death and Resurrection of Cuki

Another double-header with the second-coming of Cuki. Neil and Scott share their passion for Steigl Radler.

Games and topics discussed: VRV, Persona 5 (The animation), Ghost in the Shell (Animated Movie) Game Night (Movie), Dungeons and Dragons, Oxenfree, Tera (PS4), Far Cry 5, PUBG Mobile, Persona 3 Portable, and more.

Episode 59 – Extreme Indoor SkyRockDiving

This week, Fancy Ramen unveils their new venture into the extreme sports fray. Cuki falls perpetually, Scott breaches more, and Neil strikes Oil.

Topics this week: Into the Breach, Turmoil, Darkest Dungeon (Switch), Trump/ESA Meeting, Studies between Video Game Violence and Mass Shootings, the latest Nintendo Direct, Smash on Switch, Travis Strikes Again, Okami, Mario Tennis Aces, Octopath Traveler, Oculus Meltdown, Tera.

Intro/Outro music from the Okami OST.