Episode 111 – Maps

Apologies for the late upload, friends – Mr. Editor (neil) worked a solid 50 hours from the weekend to release date.

// 0:00:00 – Opening: r/nosleep, Gintama,

Hinamatsuri, Log Horizon, Steins;Gate;

Remote Play; 3d printers, hockey,

Pyramid Scheme Goods,

// 0:37:04 – Hollow Knight, Innovations to Maps

// 1:03:44 – The Division 2 (early impressions)

// 1:08:59 – Hot Takes on Apex Legends, Loot Boxes

// 1:16:49 – Epic Store, Steam, and MCC

// 1:24:40 – Ending Ramble

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Episode 51 – No-Dad Fishing Simulator

Late podcast is late, and chock-full of random topics, including: Missile Launch False Alarms, DropMix, Violence in Media, Ramen Noodles, Gaming Mice, Fishing, and much… much more.

Games this week include (but are not limited to):  Super Mario RPG, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Danganronpa, Super Metroid, Civilization 6, Dragonball FighterZ, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Fishing Planet, Batman: The Telltale Series, Steins;Gate

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