Episode 61 – The Death and Resurrection of Cuki

Another double-header with the second-coming of Cuki. Neil and Scott share their passion for Steigl Radler.

Games and topics discussed: VRV, Persona 5 (The animation), Ghost in the Shell (Animated Movie) Game Night (Movie), Dungeons and Dragons, Oxenfree, Tera (PS4), Far Cry 5, PUBG Mobile, Persona 3 Portable, and more.

Episode 48 – Dad of Light

Happy holidays everyone – as we clear through the backlog of episodes, this week we discuss some new shows, some old games, and recent news topics:

Magicians (Netflix Series), Dad of Light, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (Chapter 1 Spoilers), Forma.8, ARURF in League of Legends, Nier: Automata (Slight Spoilers up to the third playthrough), Catherine: Full Body controversy, Eidos Montreal, Apple policy changes, and Polygon’s Scoring.

Episode 33 – Feels Good to be Home

A homecoming of sorts with Scott back in Montana, Cuki in Georgia, and Neil… still in Nebraska.  MASSIVE Spoilers for Persona 5, It (2017 Film).

// 06:36 – Octopath Traveler
// 09:04 – Neo Yokio
// 13:12 – It (2017 Film) *SPOILERS*
// 32:00 – Sunless Sea
// 36:11 – PUBG Dev’s concered about Battle Royale Game Modes
// 44:44 – TGS Talk
// 45:48 – Left Alive
// 49:59 – Monster Hunter World
// 52:11 – Emails/Comments (PERSONA 5 *SPOILERS*)