Episode 59 – Extreme Indoor SkyRockDiving

This week, Fancy Ramen unveils their new venture into the extreme sports fray. Cuki falls perpetually, Scott breaches more, and Neil strikes Oil.

Topics this week: Into the Breach, Turmoil, Darkest Dungeon (Switch), Trump/ESA Meeting, Studies between Video Game Violence and Mass Shootings, the latest Nintendo Direct, Smash on Switch, Travis Strikes Again, Okami, Mario Tennis Aces, Octopath Traveler, Oculus Meltdown, Tera.

Intro/Outro music from the Okami OST.


Episode 58

This week’s topics: Into the Breach, Aloy in Monster Hunter: World, the current state of PSVR games, Breath of the Wild’s Ballad of the Champions, the best Zelda Soundtrack, Donald Trump and the ESA, Chrono Trigger on PC, PS Plus dumping Vita and PS3, Project Spellbound, and Project Re:Fantasy.

Be sure to check out the two promotional videos for Project Re:Fantasy when break comes in the podcast!