Episode 18 – Now with 100% Less Scott (and JoJo)

The Fancy Ramen Podcast
The Fancy Ramen Podcast
Episode 18 - Now with 100% Less Scott (and JoJo)

Scott is settling into Exotica Montana, so this week involves Cuki acquiring a new VR headset, Nintendo Online Pricing, Gofobo nonsense, and Friday the 13th. Keep in tune for an Omake later this week with Scott back in the mix.

0:01:37 – VR Headset Talk and Comparisons
0:17:14 – Nintendo Online Membership Pricing Details, and the Squid Voice Cable
0:23:17 – LCS Changes and Kaceytron
0:26:43 – Sony E3 Experience Ticket Fiasco
0:32:44 – Cuki used to work for Ubisoft… and they have a new Logo
0:38:26 – The Hot List: PS4 Pro Prey Patch Issues / Lost Sphear / GTFO / Seaman Sequel / FF7 Remake Leadership Shakeup
0:42:43 – Friday the 13th
0:45:43 – Outro