The Fancy Ramen Podcast (Episode 8) Video Game Purgatory

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Buck and John join in this episode for a five-man bonanza.  We offer some follow ups to the Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild, and insight in the coming changes to Netflix.

Major Spoilers for… Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto, Mirai Nikki

0:01:06 – Intro
0:07:27 – Comic Talk (DC, the New 52, and more…)
0:12:32 – Anime – Sakamoto
0:19:13 – Mirai Nikki
0:25:00 – Real World Road Rules Challenge
0:26:41 – Beauty and X-Men
0:28:40 – Existentialism and Nier:Automata (Minor Spoilers)
0:52:53 – John’s Videogame Purgatory
0:56:32 – Buck’s Ventures, Borderlands 2, and an analysis of Xbox Live and PS4’s Online Community
1:10:39 – Zelda: Breath of the Wild Follow-up
1:17:16 – Speculation and Analysis of the Nintendo Switch
1:35:38 – Cricket Fighting
1:40:54 – Netflix’s Rating System
1:54:27 – EMAILS and Outro

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