The Fancy Ramen Podcast (Episode 15, Part 2) Take that you stupid fish!

On to the news! Plus more character assassination on Neil! And timestamps!:
0:00:00 Deadly Premonition Board Game Kickstarter
0:12:46 Kynseed Kickstarter
0:20:37 IO Interactive to be sold
0:24:13 Project Rap Rabbit
0:25:46 Turnips and Babies
0:28:47 Dynasty Warriors 9
0:33:46 Alan Wake is Leaving Digital Stores (And P.T. talk)
0:39:59 Vanquish coming to Steam
0:41:14 Absolver (online combat)
0:47:50 Bad Stats about the Scorpio
0:55:49 Mario Odyssey at E3 (and other E3 Talk)
1:00:49 Injustice 2, Farpoint
1:05:47 Google Earth VR

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